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How to Start Your Cleaning Business Today!

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One of the best business decisions you can ever make is to start your own company, and if you’re planning to start your own carpet cleaning business, the prospects are quite bright. You can easily get your own company fully operational and highly profitable as long as you manage it professionally. However, before you jump in, there are a few critical things you have to keep in mind.

Type of Business

This is the most important consideration when starting any business. Do you create an independent carpet cleaning company or buy a franchise? If you don’t want to take any risk, franchising could be a good option for you, although it can be quite expensive. Many new businesses in the cleaning industry fail to take off due to rookie mistakes, so you can eliminate most of these errors by taking the franchising route.

If you want to fly solo, however, you can opt for an independent company. You just have to be willing to learn from your mistakes along the way. If you don’t have an issue with marketing yourself, don’t be afraid to do it on your own.

The Essentials to Success

Whichever way you open your business, there are a few things you need before you start taking on clients. You’ll need a license and you can get this either at your county clerk’s office or online. You’ll pay a nominal fee, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

You will also require insurance before you start any work. The minimum you’ll need is general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance (in case you need to hire someone else), though there’s also product insurance, which protects goods.

Another crucial consideration is a surety bond. This will assure clients that your company’s undertakings will be above board. If your company is sued for whatever reason, this bond can provide the funds to pay for any damages.

While there might be no required qualifications or minimum entry requirements, it’s good to complete a training course if you’re serious about starting a carpet cleaning company, particularly if you’ve got no experience. This will help you gain the relevant skills, expertise and knowledge to carry out your work properly and efficiently.

Equipment and cleaning materials

Next, you’ll need to get enough equipment and staff before you start offering your services. What you buy will depend on your budget, but there are a few essential items you have to buy, including a carpet brush, cleaning solutions, upholstery brush, pump up sprayer, low speed rotary machine, mops, rags, paper towels, commercial hoover, buckets etc. Don’t try to save money by buying low-quality equipment and products; you could end up taking more time per job or even end up destroying your clients’ carpets. Try and look for the hot water extraction cleaning machine, that is the best one out there!

Marketing your Business

The most important part of any business is marketing. Indeed, marketing tactics and salesmanship are what make businesses successful. Your business won’t be selling a product, but a service. And it’s often harder to sell services than products. So, you’ll need to work harder to sell your service.

A good website goes a long way when it comes to cleaning businesses, you want to make sure yours is up to par with the competition. Make sure your logo and your branding is on point, try to come up with a signature colour or font scheme that you will use to brand yourself. As an example check out Need to Clean website, you can obviously tell they have gone for that signature blue colour in their site design and their vans.








You can use several methods to market yourself and your business, including recommendations, leaflets, newspaper ads, emails, door-to-door selling, emails, social media, telephones, forums, free listings and so on. Whatever strategy you employ, make sure you impress upon customers and get them to book an appointment with you.